Sascha Fiorino

A native of Edmonton Alberta, Sascha Fiorino’s passion for horses and equestrian sport began more than twenty years ago, at the age of eleven, with a simple trail ride. Since then, this passion has blossomed into a dedication and life long focus into the discipline of show jumping. In which, Sascha has humbly garnered numerous successes, and honed his skills through working with a variety of extremely talented and knowledgeable trainers and coaches, including but not limited to Dayton Gorsline, Canadian Team member Lisa Carlsen, Frank Selinger, and Laura and Brent Balisky. Sascha has risen through the sport, from competing as a junior to a professional in the FEI levels, throughout Canada and the United States. He firmly believes in, and attributes his accomplishments to determination, drive and hard work. Having been heard many a time saying ” anyone can learn to ride at a high level if you have the determination and the drive”.

Sascha’s philosophy about riding is strongly rooted in the bond and synergy between horse and rider, and how that connection will determine how much success a team will enjoy in their future. This is a foundation value that he whole-heartedly strives to pass along to his students, along with the importance of determination and dedication. Though many would beg to differ, Sascha does not consider himself to be naturally talented in the saddle. Rather he considers himself to be a skilled rider over a talented rider, and says “the difference is talent comes naturally, where as skill is only developed through hours upon hours upon hours of banging away at your craft” and attributes his achievement of making it to the FEI levels to; dedication, hard work, the guidance of great coaches and mentors, and most importantly to the bonds he has created with his horses over the years.

Through this attitude towards the sport, Sascha’s greatest goal is to be able to coach and mentor the next generation of equestrians, both rider and horse, into becoming the best athletes and team mates that they can be. While always remembering the love and passion for the horse, and the determination for the sport.